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Fui soltando meus dedos, um a um, das suas mãos.

The damnation


They were heartless and I supposed them shapeless, just for a moment, before I realize it was not a dream. There it was, the heartless girls, surrounding her. Giggling, pushing, passing her from hand to hand and at the minute she started to be used to the heat of one of the girls, she was taked away, pushed violently towards another girl who did not desired her. None of them did. They only wanted her for their own specific motives. Could it be because she looked “likeable”, because she was intelligent, because she was so passionate and fragile. But this girls, what they did, each one of them was carelessly rupturing her heart in a way it could not be glued back. Her tears passed through her teared heart but didn´t heal it. She was doomed to this life and never to be fully loved. Or happy.

Every day, I close my eyes and I die.
Every day,  I open my eyes and I’m alive.
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why.

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